In the Spinal Outcomes Laboratory, under Dr. Ziya Gokaslan and Dr. Jared Fridley.
  • 3D-Printed Anatomical Modeling for Operative Guidance in Complex Spinal Tumor Surgery

    We developed 3D-printed anatomical models of complex spinal tumors for operative guidance and patient education, and validated their efficacy in our institution.

  • Plastic Surgery Closures for Complex Spine Neoplasm Surgery Improves Outcomes in High-Risk Patients

    We demonstrate that wound complication outcomes in patients with high-complexity neoplasms who received flap closure with plastic surgery are the same as in patients with low-complexity neoplasms with conventional layered closures. These results are now being validated prospectively across multiple centers by the AO Foundation.

  • C1-C2 Fixation With Posterior Arch Femoral Head Allograft Strut

    This paper demonstrates a technique to augment screw-rod C1-C2 fixation via a bisected femoral head allograft with a keyhole for the C2 spinous process and sutures along its convex surface to secure it to hardware.

  • Quantitative Modeling of Transverse Ligament Injury With Flexion-Extension CT for Diagnosis of Atlantoaxial Instability

    By modeling abnormal motion of 3D point mesh surfaces of C1 and C2 across flexion and extension in CT scans, we developed a quantitative method to predict atlantoaxial instability.