• Fast Facts

    Fast Facts is the de facto mobile palliative care reference app, with over 40k users. Fast Facts provides peer-reviewed, evidence-based summaries of key palliative care topics from Palliative Care Fast Facts and Concepts, curated by Dr. Sean Marks.

    Fast Facts was built by me and led by Dr. Haipeng (Mark) Zhang, at MGH. There are currently iOS and Android versions .

    Please direct any general inquiries to Mark and technical or design issues to me.

    Now open source!

  • Tumor Heterogeneity

    Cancer results from an evolutionary process that causes the development of clonal populations within a tumor. Deconvolving DNA sequencing data to infer clonal populations is an open problem in bioinformatics. In my undergraduate thesis, I developed a generative Bayesian graphical model with a Dirichlet process prior to describe this process with respect to variant allele frequencies obtained in bulk sequencing. I proved a theoretical result that a vectorized version of the Dirichlet process is also in the exponential family, and derived a variational inference algorithm to compute maximum a posteriori estimates of clonal populations and their mutation frequencies.